Scheduled. Proactive. Comprehensive.

Bugs Icon Set-16What are the benefits of TES’ Quarterly Protection Plan?

1. Protects your family and home from more than 30 insects and rodents.
2. Four scheduled visits per year, usually with the same PA-certified, licensed technician.
3. No-cost service for covered pests between visitsIf you see a covered pest, just call.
4. Affordable, custom-designed services for YOUR home.

Let us help you prevent infestations before they happen, and correct infestations before they become severe. All our technicians receive regular training, to stay at the front of new technology while providing you with the best materials and techniques available.

Plus, we employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles which are better for you and the environment.

TES is YOUR Trusted, Local, Family-owned Pest Control Expert.  

Free On-Site Inspection

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