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Bugs Icon Set-01Bed bugs aren’t just something in an old saying. They’re a very real, very stressful pest to put up with. These bugs bite, and while they aren’t known for spreading diseases, the bites are incredibly itchy, red, and sometimes painful. They also leave stains behind once they’ve had a chance to feed, which creates a whole new problem to contend with.

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We know having bed bugs is stressful and scary. We know that they can make you lose sleep and be costly to self-treat, which is why we can’t advise strongly enough to consult with a professional. Bed bugs have the capability to survive in extreme temperatures and can go a year or more without food. Missing even one can allow their infestation to go on.

Because these bugs can have such a negative effect on your life, and on your revenue if you’re the owner of a business, it’s of the utmost importance to be thorough and compliant when treating for them.

We don’t use scare tactics to inflate our prices. We’re going to work with you to solve the problem as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. When it comes to bed bugs, self-treatment can be a complex, costly, and frustrating endeavor. That’s why we want to help.

Places most vulnerable to a bed bug infestation

Since bed bugs are such good travelers, and place with a high turnover rate—locations with people coming and going frequently—are where they present the biggest problem. Places such as:

  • Hospitality—hotels, motels, B&Bs. These places see a lot of visitors, each bringing their own luggage, which only increases the risk of someone bringing in bed bugs, or leaving with them
  • Homes. As the name implies, bed bugs love beds, and with family members frequently traveling between work, school, and home, they have plenty of opportunities to sneak away on clothes, suitcases, and backpacks and make their home in everyone’s bed.
  • Multi-family housing and apartment
  • Hospitals. With so many patients coming and going, bed bugs can easily find their way into hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Schools and daycares
  • Movie theaters
  • Office Buildings

The reality: anyone can get bed bugs from anywhere.

Despite the social stigma having bed bugs carries, they are not specifically drawn to filth or unsanitary conditions.

The truth is they travel around by way of clothing, furniture, and even luggage; and they hide in every crack or crevice they can find, including those in baseboards, picture frames, and electrical outlets.

Their ability to travel and remain unseen is what makes them such a problem, which is why everyone deserves a chance to live without them.

Anyone can get ants, and the best way to prevent an ant infestation is to set up a quarterly plan today. A proactive approach is the best defense against insects and other common pests.

Quarterly Protection Plan

A quarterly extermination plan can keep your home or business free of bed bugs all year long.

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