Save Yourself from Stink Bug Season

Bugs Icon Set-22The fall season brings with it a lot of things, but none so detested as the stink bug. These flying insects have a characteristic shield shape and are known as a nuisance to both homeowners and growers.

They’re known for the damage they can cause to agricultural crops, but they can also be a huge issue if they get inside homes and buildings. Some people may even have their allergies affected by the odor stink bugs can produce.

Do stink bugs really stink?

When they feel threatened or are crushed, stink bugs produce an odor that ranges from the smell of strong herbs or cilantro. Despite their smell, it’s usually the sight of them alone that frustrates homeowners.

Why do I have stink bugs?

These pests migrate to the sunny side of houses and buildings in late summer to find warmth. At this point, they’re getting ready to seek shelter and heat for the winter season. They’ll look for cracks and gaps in doors, windows, and exterior walls.

Once inside they like to hide in the walls, attics, or in crawl spaces for the duration of winter. Any stink bugs hiding indoors will start to become active in the spring, and many will move into the living space.

Is there anything I can do to discourage stink bugs from coming inside?

Sealing gaps with caulk or covering small spaces with fitted screens can prevent stink bugs from gaining access to the interior of buildings, as can weather stripping. It’s once they’ve gotten inside to overwinter that they become something a stink bug exterminator is required for.

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