How To Deal With Pesky Rodent Infestations

5 Tips and Tricks to Deal With Your Rodent Problem

The 5 Steps

Many of us have a certain degree of nostalgia surrounding rodents thanks to childhood cartoons, but that sense of affection can go away quickly once they start chewing through your food, gnawing your furniture, and leaving disease-spreading droppings all over your home. Rodents in your home are ultimately a pest like any other and should be kept away accordingly. While the quickest and easiest solution to any rodent infestation is to pick up the phone and call TES Pest to take care of it, some of you may prefer attempting to take matters into your own hands first. For a homeowner with revenge on their mind, here is a list of exterminator-approved tips and tricks to help deal with your rodent problem.


    1. 1. Seal Any Points of Entry– Rodents are extraordinarily good at squeezing into the smallest of available openings to invade your home and your kitchen. If an opening is the size of a quarter or larger, that is all the invitation many mice and rats need to welcome themselves to your home and begin the process of chewing up everything you own. In order to avoid this, use caulk to seal up any cracks or visible openings, particularly around piping. Make sure to avoid using anything that mice or rats can chew through as a sealant; caulk is the definitive way to go here.
    1. 2. Begin Setting Traps (With Proper Bait!)– Once you have made it so your furry invasion force has no good way to enter or leave your home easily, it is time to start setting your mouse traps. There a variety of bait options, including the stereotypical cheese, so just make sure you select one that appeals to the particular rodents in your home. It can be as simple as checking what they have been eating in your kitchen and using that. With the bait selected, you can now start seeding the traps throughout your home where you think there is rodent activity. Near known entry points, dark places, and corners of furniture are just a few places to begin.
    1. 3. Manage The Sanitation of Your Home– This can serve as a preemptive measure for those who do not yet have a rodent problem, or as a reactionary safeguard for anyone who already does. Any food items that could attract pests should be stored in airtight containers, trash and spills could be cleaned up and secured. Poor sanitation ultimately attracts rodents far more than good sanitation prevents them, so keep up with the requirements of your home as often as possible in order to make sure you don’t get an infestation due to pure idleness!
    1. 4. Keep Your House Exterior In Check– Make sure that rodents cannot approach your house by keeping the outside in consistent good order. Trim plants and topiary down to a minimum in the area immediately surrounding your house to give them less of an opportunity to create burrow networks. Additionally, eliminating any trash, debris, or anything of that nature from the outside of your home will give them less cover and therefore even less chance to make themselves a nice home base to stage their next attack on your pantry. Lining the outer portion of your house with gravel or asphalt is an investment, but would also serve as a rather permanent way to keep rodents away.
  1. 5. Call Your Friends at TES Pest– If all of these other measures haven’t worked out, it may be time to pass the torch to the people who understand rodents best. There is ultimately no need to tire yourself out chasing rodents all across your home, not to mention allowing them additional time to chew through your belongings and exposing yourself to potential diseases they carry. Just pick up the phone and call 717-584-8576 to bring in the cavalry.